In 1979, Richland Enterprises was established in Cebu City, Cebu to cater the demands of the lighting and electrical industry. The Company sought to serve the public by providing electrical supplies that would eventually expand to the hardware and construction product line.

In 1991, the Partnership was renamed to Richworld Electrical & Sales Co., Ltd. It was then when the lighting and electrical industry boomed and prompted the Partnership to cater to other regions in Visayas and Mindanao. Moreover, due to the growing demand of the hardware and construction materials in their industry, the Partnership expanded to engage in wholesale, retail and importation of these products.

Beginning the year 2000, the Partnership constantly ventured into carrying various branded safety products to address the needs of the industry.

In 2013, to attending to the ever-dynamic lighting and electrical industry, the Partnership, together with its Hong Kong-based affiliate, Mercer House, Inc., produced the new generation LED products that were deemed efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and environment-friendly.

In 2016, the Partnership was dissolved and a corporation was established in the name of Richworld Electrical and Industrial Corporation.

Today, Richworld Electrical and Industrial Corporation is one of the most trusted suppliers of lighting, electrical, hardware and safety products in the Philippines. The Company now serves to various individuals, private and government firms and hopes to continue to expand in the coming future.


Richworld Electrical & Industrial Corporation sees itself to be the leading supplier in the electrical, hardware, construction industry. With the booming real estate industry and our government's encouragement to invest in long-term properties, the company strives to supply the needs of both the developer and the end-user. In the elecrical aspect, offering quality LED light products that are mire energy effecient, reliable, long-lasting, brighter and environment-friendly will help promote a better future for all.

In diversifying into safety products, we provide added safety and security to the manufacturers looking for an efficient yet effective solutions to their day to day operations. We are also aiming to give our customer the best product available at the least possible cost to maximize effeciency and with lesser unnecessary expenses.